About Us

Owners of Kohinoor Hotel with snow in Naggar Manali

Kohinoor Heritage Resort is a family-run hotel in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh. The heritage village of Naggar is 20 km from Manali and is a refreshing alternative destination for your next Himalayan holiday.

Owned by Praveen Kaistha and managed by his son Abhinav Kaistha (fondly called Abbu), Kohinoor Heritage Resort was started in 2010, and our hospitality has since charmed many guests over the years.

We are a simple Himachali family and believe in treating every guest with honesty and care. Along with our small team of kitchen staff, we personally make extra efforts to meet all our guests’ needs.

A True Himalayan Experience

The hotel is built using wood and stone from a traditional Himachali house that was lying unused on our land a long while ago. We built the hotel with our own hands and continue to infuse it with love to make it better and comfortable for our guests.

Apart from the hotel, our home is also open to our guests. We also provide delicious home-cooked meals in our traditional kitchen for those who wish to get close to an authentic Himalayan experience.

Guests who have stayed with us once return every year to experience our hospitality. In short, our guests have become our friends and family for life!

What We Offer

Personalized Service

Every guest is different and we strive to make your stay in Naggar as comfortable as possible with our exceptional service.

A Second Home

Guests are most welcome into our home to enjoy home-cooked vegetarian meals and chats over cups of hot lemon tea.

Honest Deals

Our hotel room prices remain constant through the year - even during peak tourist season in Manali-Naggar.

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